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World Vision has been in Sri Lanka since 1977.

For the past 45 years, we’ve been partnering with governments, corporates, donors, sponsors and individuals like you, to improve the wellbeing of the most vulnerable children in Sri Lanka.

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Current Projects
Current Projects

There is ENOUGH if we care ENOUGH
Hungry? What would you like to order for a child who is hungry every day? Hunger is a silent emergency many children in Sri Lanka are experiencing now. But this crisis doesn’t need complicated solutions. The solution is food. The right kind of food that is accessible all year-round.   The good news? World Vision Lanka is already doing something, and you can partner too.  Read more

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Every Mind Matters
Sports have been proven to contribute to mental health and wellbeing, and the overall development of children. Our project in Kilinochchi, on Sports for Transformational Development is already contributing to the development of youth into healthy, confident, and resilient individuals. Read more

USD 4,948.10 raised of USD 13,230.08 goal

  • 37.4% Completed
  • USD 8,281.98 To Go
  • 50 Donors
Current Projects

Completed Projects

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How it feels to be a part...

World Vision Lanka has been absolutely amazing throughout the process. With monthly updates, photos, and communication, I knew exactly what was going on. In all transparency, prior to working with World Vision Lanka, it was unsettling to entrust organizations overseas with such significant donations; It felt like too great a risk. However, God led me to World Vision Lanka. I t was extremely gratifying and humbling to see the pictures sent by World Vision Lanka of the life changing impact of the project. I only hope that World Vision Lanka feels equally responsible for this impact we made.

Tiana Rajaratnam

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! World Vision Lanka (WVL) pays special attention to the root causes of challenges our nation faces by helping to build a brighter and better future for our country. For us, WVL has been the ideal partner to work with and reach out to. We are proud to have donated to projects initiated by WVL and will continue to work WVL to enrich lives and the community we operate within.

Malindu Ranasinghe

Director/CEO, Oxford College of Business

As a long-time supporter of World Vision I know the difference my sponsorship has made to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families living in remote areas of Sri Lanka.

Covid-19 and the Sri Lankan Financial Crisis has really hit hard in these rural areas, so I responded to World Vision Lanka’s Happy Meal program; where children are encouraged to attend school and also receive a well-balanced nutritional meal each day. We all know children focus on learning and not their empty stomachs and from the reports I read, the children love the meals too

Lyndon Smit