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Strength of a Woman
Here are six single mothers who are strong enough to not give up, brave enough to dream bigger for their children and stubborn enough to break through walls that limit them. Your support can do wonders for them.

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A Home for Every Child - Mary Rani's Dream
Mary-Rani moved into her land that held the foundation of her, once dream house. Her son was few months old. She put up a small shack with thatched leaves she could find and decided to start life again. She goes begging to support her son but what she gets is not enough to build a house.

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A Toilet Project - Phase One
Toilet is an essential place in every house, yet there are families living without one. We are raising funds to build toilets for 269 such families living in the tea estates in Central Sri Lanka. When you gift a toilet, you give them more than health. You restore their dignity.

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