Tackling Anemia in Pregnant Women

The immediate determinants of maternal and child nutrition are diets and care which influence each other. The nutrition of mothers during pregnancy plays a vital role in the short- and long-term health of a mother and her growing fetus. Malnutrition in pregnant women can cause risks and complications during the delivery process, while also affects the process of fetal growth resulting in low birth weight. 

Anemia during pregnancy has been associated with an increased risk of premature delivery, maternal and child mortality, and infectious diseases. Growth and development may also be affected, both in utero and in the long term resulting in cognitive impairment and developmental difficulties in motor skills of children.

We have identified 30 anemic pregnant women with a vulnerable socio-economic background, and aim to improve their nutritional status by providing them with dry ration packs for three months, and providing guidance on cooking nutritional food through awareness sessions. This would contribute towards improved fetal growth and better outcomes at childbirth leading to a better development of the child. 

Through the awareness session more mothers will gain knowledge about the importance of healthy food and lifestyles choices for themselves and their babies, contributing to improving their overall nutritional status, perinatal survival and the long - term health conditions for both the mother and child.

Every LKR 30,500 (USD 99) you donate will provide mothers with awareness and nutrients they need to combat anemia with the use of locally produced food. The program will be followed up by home visits every month to enable us to monitor whether the mothers are making the most of the tools they are provided with.

Join hands with us to build a better future for women and children!

Location: Vaharai

Number of Mothers: 30

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