I am on my period

52% of the population of Sri Lanka is made up of females (approximately 5.2 million menstruating women). But safe and affordable menstrual hygiene products remain a luxury for most females (UNICEF, Water Aid, 2018). Only 29% of households in Sri Lanka purchase sanitary napkins in a month (LMRB). Due to the cost and lack of easy access, a significant proportion of women use improvised material, such as cloth, which can be unhygienic if improperly used. This increases the risk factor for cervical cancer which is the second-most common type of cancer among Sri Lankan women today (Advocata Policy Brief, 2020).

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we are working to raise awareness and implement strategies to empower girls and women by educating them on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and its practices. The I am on my period, national level campaign will focus on organizing 28 workshops across the island in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other local authorities. Each workshop will include sessions with technical specialists followed by a Q&A session and each participant will receive a sanitary kit at the end of the programme. Furthermore, at least five incinerators will be constructed in select schools to efficiently dispose of sanitary waste.

Join hands with us to empower girls and women across the country to lead healthier lives with dignity. To know more about the project please see the info tab.

Location: 28 ADPs ( Area Development Programmes) across Sri Lanka


Number of Workshops : 28 workshops in Sinhala and Tamil languages 

Number of Workshop Participants: 1400 girls and women 

Cost Per Workshop: Rs. 83,973.21


Number of Incinerators: 5 constructed in select shcools

Number of Beneficiaires of Incinerators: 850 girls

Cost Per Workshop: Rs. 60,500

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